Tech Staff Augmentation: Efficient Methods to Bridge the Talent Gap

Staff augmentation is a streamlined approach for swiftly enhancing a technology team or addressing skill gaps.
April 10, 2024

When executed effectively, this strategy offers businesses a range of advantages, including expedited time-to-market, cost savings, and the ability to tap into a diverse pool of talent and expertise from around the world. Moreover, it can lay the groundwork for a lasting and mutually beneficial partnership with a dependable technology collaborator who will consistently provide support and assistance.

Being a technology firm, we have successfully extended and expanded several tech teams that remain engaged with our clients for many years. Throughout this period, we have cultivated a well-established method for team augmentation and recorded best practices for tech staff augmentation.

The strategies we employ enable our clients to rapidly bridge technology talent gaps and onboard exceptional engineers, all while navigating the expanding deficit of qualified specialists in the market.

Presently, we are pleased to share the specifics of our proven strategy with you.
But let's go through everything step by step.

Software team augmentation or dedicated team strategy?

What is team augmentation, and how does it contrast with the dedicated team approach? Understanding the difference between these models is crucial when choosing the ideal fit for your project.

Tech team augmentation involves recruiting external specialists from a technology provider to enhance your team's expertise, skills, and workforce. Similar to remote employees, these specialists seamlessly integrate into your team, operating under your supervision, while the provider handles administrative, recruitment, and infrastructure responsibilities. An additional advantage of choosing a tech company (rather than a recruitment agency) for outstaffing is the opportunity to access partner expertise and on-demand tech consulting.

A dedicated team strategy entails outsourcing the entirety or a portion of your project to an independent technology provider. This dedicated team consists of professionals assembled by your provider to work on your project, usually over an extended and continuous period.

Primary Reasons for Adopting the Tech Team Augmentation Approach

Shortage of Tech Talent

The contemporary tech talent market is finding it challenging to match the escalating demand for skilled engineers. Therefore, if you're facing difficulties in expanding your team due to developer shortages, team augmentation can serve as a swift and efficient solution to address this issue.

Gaps in competencies

Technical staff augmentation becomes a viable choice when your internal team lacks specific skills or needs specialized competencies for project implementation. Often, sourcing tech specialists through a reliable tech company proves to be more time and cost-effective than attempting local hiring. Additionally, it eliminates the need to train new skills within your organization.

Missing experience

You can utilize team augmentation to address challenges or execute tasks that fall beyond your team's expertise. For instance, if you possess an engineering team but lack specific domain experience internally, this is precisely where outstaffing can come to the rescue.

Temporary expansion of capacity

If you're facing a temporary surge in tasks or experiencing a growth rate that's challenging to keep up with, staff augmentation provides an efficient solution to quickly scale up your team.

Limited financial resources

When working within budget constraints but in need of experienced senior software developers, team augmentation can become your favored strategy for economical development. By leveraging the hourly rate differences in nearshoring or offshoring locations, you can strengthen your team with top-tier engineers, often at a significantly lower cost than local hiring—sometimes even two or more times less. Moreover, this approach reduces the expenses tied to in-house recruitment, employment, and staff retention.

Steps to Augment Your Team Effectively

It's time to proceed with action. In the following sections, we will present a step-by-step plan for a successful outstaffing process and share a few secrets.

1. Defining your requirements.

Right from the outset, we establish a team to delve into and comprehend your requirements, expectations, and project objectives. We engage in discussions to grasp your specific needs concerning technical and soft skills, experience, communication, and more. This methodology enables us to formulate accurate and transparent candidate prerequisites, ensuring the optimization of the selection process right from the first step.

2. Screening and assessing candidates. 

With an extensive database of skilled engineers and robust partnerships with prominent talent acquisition agents, we hold a substantial advantage that allows us to effectively and rapidly prequalify candidates (in as short as 5-7 days from the recruitment's commencement). Crucially, you won't need to invest time or effort in sorting through unqualified candidates. This streamlined process significantly simplifies and expedites the journey of IT staff augmentation.

3. Conducting interviews and background checks. 

Prequalified candidates undergo two rounds of in-house interviews. We perform a comprehensive background check and conduct interviews to validate their communication skills, language fluency, soft skills, and team collaboration capabilities. Our senior tech specialists and management then assess their technical expertise, qualifications, and potential. This stage plays a pivotal role in refining the talent pool and identifying candidates who align perfectly with your requirements and expectations.

4. Introducing the most promising candidates.

We present our top candidates to you, along with their CVs, our interview report, and a summary explaining the reasons for their selection. Afterward, we coordinate interview schedules and assist the candidates through your internal processes (validation, interviews with tech leads, senior management, etc.). Upon receiving your approval, the candidates are extended job offers from Frontetica.

5. Seamlessly integrating new team members.

We facilitate the smooth onboarding of new team members, assisting them in becoming integral parts of your team. We provide both workspace and necessary equipment, ensuring that new engineers acclimate to our work environment and establish productive collaboration with your team. Additionally, we ensure that new team members gain access rights to the development infrastructure, receive training and knowledge transfer, and acquire insights into essential project management and communication practices

Key Advantages of Technical Team Augmentation

Accelerated Speed

As previously mentioned, technical team augmentation stands as a powerful strategy for hastening your development process—be it swiftly integrating essential skills and expertise or expanding your existing team.

Enhanced Talent Access

The rapid pace of technological evolution necessitates efficient solutions. In software development, coupling team augmentation with remote work practices emerges as a premier approach to accessing engineers worldwide who possess precisely the expertise you require.

Adaptive Flexibility

Tech staff augmentation affords the agility necessary to navigate shifting market dynamics. It empowers you to promptly bolster your team's size as your product gains traction or, conversely, to streamline your team to align with the evolving market landscape.

Cost Efficiency

A cornerstone benefit of team augmentation is cost reduction. If your operations center around regions with higher in-house engineering hiring costs (such as Western Europe, United Kingdom, North America, Australia), embracing this model can significantly curtail expenses.

Augmenting Your Software Development Team with Frontetica

Thinking about project outstaffing? Dealing with difficulties in expanding your tech team with exceptional talent? We're here to aid in the recruitment of skilled engineers, helping you meet your project deadlines. Discover the significant advantages we extend to all our clients as we bolster and reinforce their teams.

1. With extensive expertise in agile software development services and a wealth of domain and technical knowledge, we prioritize the client's process and respect its integrity. Simultaneously, we proactively align with our clients' objectives, treating them as our own. Hence, when our experience can be harnessed to address challenges or propose enhancements, we readily step up.

2. IT team augmentation involves constructing your own team according to your specifications, evolving demands, and project objectives. This team operates on our premises. You retain direct oversight of operations, work schedules, rotations, scaling up and down, replacements, and more. The significant advantage is that you're freed from administrative, recruitment, and infrastructure burdens, along with concerns about employment benefits.

3. On our side, a supervisory C-level executive is constantly present to serve as a client advocate. This individual safeguards your interests, ensuring seamless collaboration and open communication between our organizations and teams. Should you require it, we offer expert guidance, enhance technological proficiency, and assist in identifying and addressing emerging challenges.

4. Engineering staff augmentation involves collaborating with exceptionally qualified and skilled professionals within a fiercely competitive market. This is where the expertise and capabilities of a technology company prove invaluable. Our tech experts not only possess the ability to identify top-tier engineers but also actively contribute to their training and growth. We deeply understand the significance of nurturing talent and facilitating knowledge and skill sharing within the tech community.

In summary

Technology team augmentation stands as a highly practical and efficient approach for enhancing project development and expediting delivery timelines. It proves equally beneficial for companies operating beyond their tech expertise and seeking specialized domain or technical skills (e.g., data engineering, AI, or chatbot development), as well as for tech industry leaders aiming for swift expansion and cost optimization prospects.

Drawing from our extensive experience in IT consulting and software development, we've integrated established best practices in tech staff augmentation and cultivated our distinct approach to excel in this realm. Reach out to our team for a complimentary consultation.

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