We Speak 12+ Languages at Frontetica

At Frontetica, we communicate in over 12 languages, focusing solely on human languages while excluding programming and fictional ones.
August 25, 2023

Had we included those excluded categories, the count would have been noticeably, and even significantly, larger.

Individuals who embark on the journey of learning foreign languages are often recognized for their adeptness at multitasking, enhanced cognitive capabilities, sharpened focus, and a generally expanded worldview. If these claims hold true, then our collective perspective encompasses not only the entire globe but also extends beyond its boundaries.

Our inquiry with the Frontetica team regarding their linguistic abilities revealed an impressive roster of 12+ global languages.

Presently, there are approximately 7,000 languages spoken worldwide, rendering the initial count of 12 seemingly modest.
However, this also signifies vast perspectives.

We've dissected the information gathered from our fellow teammates to unveil a series of astonishing insights, all aimed at demonstrating why the number 12 holds remarkable significance.
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